Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Bank Tax"? Stupid Squared

It's not that Obama wants to tax banks, which is a separate issue.

He wants to tax the banks which already REPAID their TARP funds, in order to 'recoup losses' to the taxpayer--which losses were created by OTHER entities--like GMAC, and Fannie/Freddie.

And as anyone over the age of 10 knows, that tax will be paid by bank customers.

Wanna save money, Obama? Take away Congressional airplane privileges. And their 'health clubs' in their office buildings. And the cafeterias.

And stop holding a White House party every three days!

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Anonymous said...

I think more seriously, all federal and state employees need to take a 10% cut and the minimum wage should be dropped; but that simply ain't going to happen.

I still predict the dollar simply becomes worthless. Government will NOT cut spending. Too many votes to lose. sigh