Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Inspector General Gets a Threat: IG-Gate III

One cannot have both "Inspector Generals" and "Chicago Way".

So the Inspector Generals have to go!

Patrick McFarland, the inspector general, said his office received a "not so veiled threat from OMB" concerning his office's ability to comment to Congress about its proposed budget.

"I am alerting you about a very serious matter that represents an attempt to thwart an authority provided to us by the Inspector General Reform Act of 2008 and that creates a risk of compromising our operational independence," McFarland told lawmakers. --The Hill

McFarland is the IG of the Office of Personnel Management. That makes THREE IG's which Obama and Rahmsputin have screwed around with--so far: Amtrak IG and Walpin were the first two.

HT: Examiner

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