Friday, January 15, 2010

51 Votes to Pass ObamaCare?

Smells like bravado.

Even if Democrats lose the special election to pick a new Massachusetts senator Tuesday, Congress may still pass health-care overhaul through a process called reconciliation, a top House Democrat said.

...“Getting health-care reform passed is important,” [Chris] Van Hollen said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. “Reconciliation is an option.”

Should Democrats take that route, the legislation would have to be scaled back because of Senate rules....

Ben Nelson (D-Purchased) was run out of an Omaha restaurant for his support of ObamaCare. Senator Feingold (D-Arrogant) was taken over the coals at FOUR "I Don't Listen To You Peasants" sessions this week.

Perhaps Cong. Van Hollen would like to attend the TEA Party bonfire this Saturday?

If he does, he should wear fireproof clothing.

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Anonymous said...

You assume that the 'Rats care about winning a fair election. After all, not only are they the masters of vote fraud, but they also realize that once something, anything is passed, the Pubbies almost never repeal it (see SocSecurity/Medicare/NEA/EPA/HUD/Dept. of Education/et al).

As for the "scaling back", the only thing that would be scaled back is the purported time frame to the 10-year maximum. The one and only version of PlaceboCare that is "reconciliation-certified" is the full-Monty HR3200, complete with abortion-on-demand and the full-on public option.