Thursday, July 16, 2009

Xoff: "The Nukes Are Coming!!! Run!! Hide!!!"

Christofferson is, if nothing else, an informative fellow. Some of the information is useful.

For example:

Legislation is being drafted for introduction in the Legislature in the fall, based on a package of recommendations from the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming. That task force included consumer and environmental groups as well as utility representatives, and all agreed that task force members would support the entire package, which contains many solid recommendations to reduce Wisconsin’s carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. But it also relaxes the rules on nuclear plants.

We had examined that report. It is exactly what you'd expect from a Doyle 'task force': anti-everything that resembles industry, and pro-social engineering, by any means necessary. The task-force report was not unanimously endorsed by the members of the task force, and Wisconsin industry will be crippled (or will disappear) if some of the Report's recommendations are implemented.

You've been warned, thanks to Xoff.

On the other hand, Christofferson/Xoff also issues dire warnings which are pure foofoodust.

Because there is no federally approved site for nuclear waste, the three commercial reactors in Wisconsin have been accumulating three decades’ worth of waste in temporary storage facilities next to the reactors at Point Beach and Kewaunee, near Lake Michigan.

To build more reactors to produce more dangerous waste while we have no safe means of disposal is beyond irresponsible. It is unconscionable

Umnnnhhh, Bill: now that we have a 30-year track record of ZERO accidents, spills, harm, or apocalypse with storage casks, please identify the "unconscionable" elements of continuing such methods. Seems to me that we DO have "safe means of disposal," except that they are not the one you favor.

That's not the only herring in Xoff's can.

Then there’s cost. It doesn’t make economic sense to build new nuclear plants, which is why the nuclear industry is asking Congress for $50 billion in subsidies in the form of loan guarantees. Taxpayers already heavily subsidize nuclear power, and in the event of a major accident, taxpayers will foot most of the bill.

Sure. We all know that politically-correct energy is cheap, cheap, cheap, right?

The Pelosi gang proposes to increase the cost of heating your home and hot water by ~$2,000/year through Cap-n-Tax. Wind-power is subsidized to the tune of $23.00++/megawatt-hour--about twenty times the nuke subsidy (FY2007.) And Corn-A-Hole chews up quite a few subsidy-dollars, too, Bill.

See if you can take off your Chicken Little costume and come up with actual argumentation, Xoff. It would be a nice change.

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Anonymous said...

Even some guy at HuffPo was all over the benefits of nuclear.

Xoff and his co-horts have watched "The China Syndrome" too many times and are completely ignorant of the industry.