Thursday, July 02, 2009

What the Polls ACTUALLY Say About Health Plans

Well, peel back the layer of pretty-smelling goop the Left put on the WaPo-ABC poll, and you get reality. And the reality is something like "up your a%% with THAT idea."

...this Washington Post-ABC News poll shows somewhat broad support for some kind of public option. At first blush, 62% of those polled support some kind of public plan. However, only 21% would support such a plan being run by the government (41% would prefer it to be run by some independent organization)

...And this level of support falls precipitously when respondents are asked to consider the hypothetical situation of this public plan driving many private insurers out of business, which many of the supporters of the public plan say it would do. Under that situation, public support plummets, from 62% to 37%. Opposition to the public plan climbs from 33% to 58%.

That "public option" thing? When it gets jammed through, it may cause a bit of trouble with the angered peasantry. You know--pols will not be able to appear in public due to tomato-rainstorms, egg-hail, stuff like that.

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