Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What the (D) Boyzzz DON'T Want in Health Care

Very smart perception here.

Americans view health care not as a means of preserving or extending life, but as part of the quality of life – a few more months more for a cancer patient or a springy new hip for an 80-year-old aren’t considered wasteful, they’re considered humane.

But to achieve his twin goals of controlling costs and covering the uninsured, the president’s plan would necessarily ration care for the folks on the government plan. A Medicare/Medicaid model would be a crushing blow to an already exhausted Treasury, but does Barack Obama really want to be the head of a large, stingy HMO?

Savvy Democrats want a private entities to take the heat for chopping access, giving their party the chance to then express shock and outrage for the poor care later on. But unable to produce a bill that can pass without a public option, lawmakers remain willfully ignorant while meandering toward rationing.

Yah. Make it a "public plan," and the very first time it screws up, paste Dave Obey's, or Herb Kohl's, or Russ Feingold's picture right under the picture of the funeral procession.

That'll work.

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