Wednesday, July 01, 2009

WallyWorld Follows GE's Rent-Seeking Model

Some of us noted the announcement that WalMart kinda-sorta backs "universal coverage" with a bit of cynicism. WallyWorld didn't kinda-sorta endorse it because they have humanitarian concerns.

Nope. They're doing what GE, Goldmann Sachs, and lots of other Big Players do. They're using the Government to drive competition out of the field.

This is all about introducing a bill that will harm its competitors, particularly businesses of a slightly lower size that can't buy health insurance on the same scale. The company already has a major price and sourcing edge over its competitors, and this law would allow it to exploit that even more.

In the case at hand, WallyWorld (and Podesta's bunch) were endorsing employer-based insurances. Actual progressive thinkers, such as Paul Ryan, think that if universal coverage is going to happen, it should be CONSUMER-based.

But Statists, and their Big Player allies, do not agree.

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Shoebox said...

This is no longer Sam Walton's Walmart!