Thursday, July 16, 2009

Voting Rights? Or Fed-Judge Wrong?

Dreher supplies the backstory to a Federal court's order to establish "single-resident" voting districts in Irving, TX.

Hispanics make up the largest single racial or ethnic group in Irving. But creating a new City Council district where a majority of voters are Hispanic is virtually impossible, city attorneys argued in federal court filings.

Their reasoning: About 60 percent of Irving Hispanics who are old enough to vote aren't citizens and thus can't cast ballots Dallas Morning News

Comments Dreher:

So now we have a federal judge ordering a city to dismantle the election system it democratically decided upon, because non-Americans -- many of whom are here illegally -- don't have someone of their ethnic background representing them

Get used to it, Rod. There'll be plenty more un-American stuff coming from the Feds shortly, even though the 5th Circuit will likely overturn this turd.

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