Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Statist Manias

To some, the State is the only solution. Those people are called Statists.

American TV launches electronics recycling program” Imagine that. At no cost - "most every kind of electronic device."

American will work with Waste Management and CRT Processing LLC of Janesville to disassemble the electronics for recycling.

The Journal Sentinel article also mentions that Best Buy maintains an electronics recycling service as does Goodwill Industries. Add to that wildly successful “free” electronics recycling opportunities in the last couple of months in Appleton, Madison and assorted cities across Wisconsin – and it seems most of the population gets it – and is doing what it takes to keep these mineral and toxin-rich throwaways out of our landfills.

Not good enough!!

So what does Wisconsin Statism want to do? AB 278 would create a huge bureaucracy to mandate recycling.

Did I ever mention "rent-seeking"?

A major impetus behind mandatory recycling, perhaps understandably, is Wisconsin’s recyclers.

Jo gets it. Retailers and Goodwill get it. But the Statists?

Oh, they get it, too. Their jobs depend on furthering Statism.

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