Saturday, July 11, 2009

Keep Our Paradise OURS

Riehl notes that the city of Tiburon's residents contributed to (D) candidates at an 8-1 rate over (R) candidates.

So this is .......ahhhh........ironic?

The posh and picturesque town that juts into San Francisco Bay is poised to do something unprecedented: use cameras to record the license plate number of every vehicle that crosses city limits.

Some residents describe the plan as a commonsense way to thwart thieves, most of whom come from out of town. Others see an electronic border gate and worry that the project will only reinforce Tiburon's image of exclusivity and snootiness

Some interstate travel is a right. OTHER travel is a privilege, especially if you're traveling into LeftOVille.


capper said...

I looked, but could not find, your post condemning Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan for putting the same cameras everywhere in his district.

Nor could I find the one condemning Bush for his extreme infringements on people's rights.

Mmm. Selective thought processes again?

Dad29 said...

Please iterate, clearly, all of Bush's "extreme infringements..." for me.

BTW, Muslim terrorists don't count as "people."