Friday, July 03, 2009

Honduras Perspective

From a guy who covered Honduras for many years, the important takeaway:

Zelaya's ouster is the first clear sign that there will be a reaction against the abuses and excesses of the Bolivarian model of radical populism, megalomania and violence, often called "popular democracy" and described as 21st Century socialism. The concern of Chávez and his allies have for Zelaya has much more to do with a fear that the reaction against them will grow than it does with any commitment to democracy. A successful removal of Zelaya could be a model for their own demise.

It's not about Honduras. It's all about them: Castros, Chavez, Ortego, and Morales.

There's also a discussion of the IslamoTerrorist links.

HT: CounterTerrorismBlog

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