Friday, July 17, 2009

Honduras: The Dictators vs. the Catholic Church

As Zelaya prepares to invade the country of which he was President, a German newspaper publishes an interview with the Roman Catholic Cardinal/Archbishop of the country.

And it ain't very pretty. Here's what Cdl. Rodriguez had to say:

...we are struggling against a very powerful, because very well-financed, campaign, which is being directed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez -- to the extent that agents of the Venezuelan secret services are active in the country and are organizing the supposed popular protests against the removal of President Manuel Zelaya. Weapons have also been brought into the country. Thank God that up to now more blood has not been shed. But not a day goes by without my receiving a death threat.

...the Catholic Church enjoys great moral authority in the country, but is determined to resist foreign powers again taking control of this country: this time, in order to "bolivarize" it. The agents are already working against the Church, using the same methods that we have come to know from Venezuela. Last Sunday, Mass could not be held in any of the three churches in downtown Tegucigalpa, because gangs had ransacked the churches and threatened the faithful.

Seems that our Dear Leader's pals, Zelaya and Chavez, are Statist dictators. Hmmmmmmmm.

In fact, that support raises questions in Honduras, too:

Asked by FAZ reporter Daniel Deckers why the American government has publicly supported Zelaya -- "in perfect harmony with Chavez and his followers" -- Cardinal Rodríguez replied: "A lot of Hondurans would like to know that. But nobody can explain it to us."

There are three possibilities, I guess. Either the State Department is grossly un-informed about what's really happening in that country, or State and Dear Leader simply prefer to deal with Zelaya rather than the new guy ("he's an SOB but he's OUR SOB")--or it could be the answer we really don't want to hear--that birds of a feather flock together.

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