Thursday, July 09, 2009

Green Police! Open Up!!

Cap-n-Tax does not allow the Green Police to perform no-knock forced entries.......yet.

Your home or commercial building will be energy-audited (and a publicly-available rating will be awarded) on these occasions:

iv) a sale that is recorded for title and tax purposes consistent with paragraph (8);
(v) a new lien recorded on the property for more than a set percentage of the assessed value of the property, if that lien reflects public financial assistance for energy-related improvements to that building; or
(vi) a change in ownership or operation of the building for purposes of utility billing

...and other occasions, too.

Of course, people like Obey, Moore, Baldwin, Kagen, and Kind are not stupid. THEY don't want to be identified with this new, invasive, bureaucracy, so they stuck it to the States.’re probably wondering if there’s a penalty for not being in compliance with the new efficiency ratings. The answer is no, and yes. Here’s where the bill gets really sneaky. So far as I can tell, there is no direct penalty if your house does not meet the bill’s target. However, it does require that the number of buildings inspected by the state meet certain percentage targets and if they do not, the state loses out on a significant portion of the money it could get from Washington. In other words, the bill demands certain things from the states, but ties funding for those demands to compliance with the demands.

This is precisely the method which recently created "seat-belt-criminals" in Wisconsin.

HT: Malkin

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