Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dead Babies, Idiot Neighbors, and Brain-Dead Clergy

Very sad story of another dead baby.

In brief, baby is born with a stack of problems, "mom" doesn't follow through with doctor appointments, Child Services doesn't take extremely aggressive stance, baby dies.

Here's what the next-door neighbor has to say:

"She was really struggling," said Randolph's neighbor, 48-year-old Alice Johnson.

"Even though I am very sorry for what happened to (Parion), I don't really blame her," Johnson said.

Oh, it gets even worse. After the "mom" was charged with criminal neglect, this:

"I don't think what she did was a crime," Alice Johnson said. "What's gone is gone. And I wish better for her in the future."

Frankly, Alice Johnson is brain-dead.

Oh, by the way--no mention of "fathers" here, either, about which Roeser wrote yesterday:

Actually, the long-range solution to this starts with the clergy-the black clergy in the neighborhoods…the gesticulating clergy at Operation PUSH…the rhyming heroic-couplet black orators at community organizations…the cowardly Catholic clergy downtown. Essentially they have forsaken their mission.

And the mission should be to return to the precepts of Judeo-Christianity and campaign…stump as in a political campaign…for the black poor to get married. How long will it take for these people…and the media…to understand that the family-married couples with father and mother-are the foundation of society…and that without it, with fathers scattering their seed and disappearing…with teen-aged black girls themselves without a family who importune males to impregnate them so they will have a cuddlesome little bundle to love…is the source of the problem?

Yah, well. They're too busy with "social justice," even if they have to step over the dead babies to squeeze it out of the Federal Gummint.


Anonymous said...

Did I read that right? She just gave birth to her 5th child and she is only 22 ?! Now one of them is dead, and DFS was only concerned with the newborn?

Oh good god!

I'm sure the surviving 4 kids will be put up for adoption right? (sarc)

Just keep this story on file for the next time the statists tell us that the folks on welfare aren't unemployed moms with a bunch of kids from different sperm doners and how that there is nothing wrong with it even if it were true.


Anonymous said...

"...stump as in a political campaign…for the black poor to get married."

Shouldn't ye stump for all colors of folk to be married? Alaskans as well as the lower 48?

Dan said...

Speaking of clergy, how can you ever hope that the liberal black clergy ever will help the inner city residents? When you have the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright- how can you ever have hope for the inner cities of America?