Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Ad Hominem Slithers From EPA Spokescreature


No facts, no law; then go ad hominem. Only difference between the EPA spokescreature and Capper is the name of the target.

...we read that a spokeswoman for EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson, who made the determination that CO2 threatens the world, "noted that the memo's author, Alan Carlin, is an economist, not a climate scientist".

Yah, after 30 years at EPA, he probably doesn't know much about science, come to think of it. (You can make up your own minds as to whether that's sarcasm or not...)

But he's not exactly a dumbkopf; Ph.D Econ/MIT, and BS Physics, CalTech.

At any rate, the "work" which EPA used to declare that CO2 is deadly had authors, the principal of which is.............ta-da........

an economist

Plenty more here, at AmSpecBlog.

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Deekaman said...

Many of the "believers" are not climatologists either. Does that make them less credible, too? I wonder what Jackson's cred is? I'm sure, as head of the EPA, she's a climatologist, Chemical Engineer, Biologist, Hydraulic Engineer, Civil Engineer, get my point.