Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wisconsin JobsNOW Task Force Report

The final report is issued.

You'll note a certain tone to the news article about it. The tone is a result of pure spin from the Tax-And-Spenders who can't discredit the report's substance, so they attack the report for what it does NOT do.

It doesn't address spending cuts by the State.

Well, that's not the charter of the Task Force, nor was it a focus of the participants. I ought to know--I was present for two of the meetings.

Please direct your attention to Page 7 (PDF counter) for the following recommendations:

Reduce the Personal Income Tax

Repeal 11% Employer Tax Hike Passed in February

Freeze property taxes

Simplify and Streamline Tax Code

Stop the increase in the Capital Gains Tax

Reduce the Tax Burden on Expansion/Retooling

The report also quotes the Small Business Administration regarding the costs of regulation:

In 2005, the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy published a study entitled, “The Impact of Regulatory Costs on Small Firms.” The study determined that while the per employee cost of regulations averaged $5,633 in 2004, the costs for firms with less than
20 employees registered at $7,647
.1 This clearly illustrates the heavy burden carried by small businesses, which are our state’s economic drivers.

In addition, the SBA published study found that environmental and tax compliance regulations were even more burdensome for small employers. Per employee environmental regulatory costs for firms with less than 20 employees amounted to $3,296, while firms between 20-499 employees were faced with $1,040 in costs per employee and firms over 500 paid $710 per
For tax compliance the numbers were $1,304, $948, and $780 respectively.

It's not rocket-science to figure out why...

The report addresses taxes, regulations, education, and health-care costs. Perhaps the best headline in the whole thing is this one "First thing, DO NO HARM"--addressed to State lawmakers.

As to the spending, we addressed that, too.

Right here.

And that's only a partial list.

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