Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What You Won't Hear from Sotomayor

Neatly summarized by another Catholic Federal judge.

“The authority that was vested in me upon taking [the oath of office] is derived exclusively from the Constitution. Thus the justice I am sworn to administer is not justice as I might see it….And if I consciously deviate from that body of law to do justice as I see it, I violate my oath of office and undermine the safeguards embodied in the Separation of Powers. Should I ever be asked to hear a case in which the application of the law might result in my material complicity in an immoral act, I would have to examine my conscience and, if it so dictated, recuse myself. What I may not do is bend the law to suit my conscience.”

Funny. I don't see anything about "policymaking" in that statement, nor a "surfeit of wisdom."

Oh--that's James Buckley's paragraph.

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