Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What the TEA Parties Are About, Part 456

Caught by the Winning McCain/Smitty:

I have nothing left but to be mildly disgusted watching our two major political parties spin, obfuscate, and lie in attempting to fool the so called middle, the independant voter, the protectors of the conventional wisdom, those uninformed people with no set political or life philosophy who decide our elections, into believing that they represent something other than raw political power. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have evolved under our current post modern culture into left and right rails on the same track leading to an all encompassing federal nanny state that seeks to relieve us of the responsibilities of citizenship. Whether progressive leftism or compassionate conservatism they are both philosophies that seek to control by incrementally convincing us to trade our rights for security. Always for our own good of course. --Westsound Modern

The link includes a video!

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Billiam said...

Seems to me I've said essentially the same thing. One beast with 2 heads. We're screwed either way. Kind of like Sacred and Profane, the two headed parrot from Stephen King's Black House. Sacred: "God loves all the poor of the world." Profane: "Is that why he made so f**king many of them?"