Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Was This REALLY An "Accident"?

Seems that someone put 268 pages of 'safeguards/confidential' material on the 'net.

...a 268-page draft declaration to the IAEA that includes all sites of nuclear weapons related facilities. The Government Printing Office (GPO) published the dossier on its Web site by mistake last month, and although it was removed yesterday, the extent of its dissemination is unknown. Senator Kit Bond calls it a “treasure map for terrorists,"...


The release apparently came from Capitol Hill, and not the White House. The publication came through the House Foreign Affairs Committee to the GPO, which thought it had been released for publication. Bond blamed the security officer of the committee for not adequately securing the sensitive information. But shouldn’t the GPO have asked before publishing a document to the Internet marked by “safeguards/confidential”?

More at the link.

A "mistake"? Really?

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