Monday, June 15, 2009

US to Throw Money at PRChina for "Climate Change"

This is insanity to the nth power...

U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern said that there was “no question” that China would receive both financial and technological assistance from the United States as part of upcoming climate change talks to be conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Uh-huh. What PRChina really, really needs is more US dollars...

Stern acknowledged that the details of precisely how the United States would assist China had yet to be worked out, explaining that there were many questions which need to be answered before December.

Maybe the first question is 'How to stop the Chinese from laughing out loud at this idea'. Check with Geithner.

“The stark reality, though, is that the world cannot contain climate change, we cannot avoid dangerous levels of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, without very significant effort by China,” Stern said. “We talked very openly and candidly and in a lot of detail about what needs to be done on both sides to advance to a successful outcome in Copenhagen.”

Reports from Beijing say that the Chinese are more concerned with the pollution of US debt.

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