Monday, June 01, 2009

Spencer Black's New Whipping Boy

Spencer Black wants electronic goods to be recycled.

So, naturally, he will require electronic-goods MANUFACTURERS to:

Register with the state DNR.

• Arrange for the collection and recycling of eligible electronic devices.
Submit annual reports on the weight of devices sold to individuals in the state and the weight of devices collected by or on behalf of the manufacturer for recycling.
• Pay certain fees, including an annual registration fee of $5,000 (less for manufacturers selling fewer than 100 devices a year in Wisconsin).

[and] to recycle 80 percent of the total weight of electronics it sold in the state during the year. If a manufacturer failed to reach that goal, it would be required to pay a shortfall fee

Seems to me that if one wants to keep electronic goods out of the landfills, one simply instructs the landfill operators NOT TO ACCEPT THEM. Same orders go to the trash-pickup people.

But then there would be no whipping-boy, nor $5K/year fees, either.

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