Monday, June 15, 2009

A "Plant" at Obama's Green Bay "Town Hall"

Well, well.

Seems that the ObamaLord might just have rigged the questions in Green Bay.

One of Obama’s first questions from the audience wasn’t from a mere concerned citizen, but from a former Democratic Party candidate for Congress that wants a socialist, single payer system to be implemented raising the suspicion that the administration knew exactly who was going to ask questions and what they were going to ask.

...The woman is identified as “Paulette Guerin” and labeled as an “attendee” of the meeting on the CNN segment. In fact CNN got the spelling of the woman’s last name wrong, it’s not Guerin, but Garin. Additionally this “attendee” is far from just the average Wisconsin citizen just out for the day to hear the president’s ideas. Paulette Garin is far more than just another one of the folks


Seems Ms. Garin is a failed (D) candidate for the 1st Congressional district. That would be the southeastern corner of the State---Kenosha, Racine, Janesville.

So in the first place, she drove a long, long way for this little 'rally.'

Here's Comrade Garin's 'thought' on single-payer:

President Barack Obama said if he were building the health care system from scratch, a single payer system would be the best approach. Senator Russ Feingold said he’d support a single payer system over our current system, which he called a “mess.” HOWEVER, both President Obama and Senator Feingold recognize that our nation has a long tradition of health care through private insurance companies and that trying to eliminate their influence is an almost insurmountable task.

This is why it is imperative for each of us to contact our President, Senators, Congresspersons and all other elected officials stating our support for a single payer system. They need our help to overcome the powerful well funded lobbyists working against Single Payer

It was undoubtedly just a co-incidence that Ms. Garin was selected to ask a question.

But with all the "political-beat" reporters up there, NOBODY recognized Ms. Garin?


Headless Blogger said...

Was there a question in there somewhere?

Dad29 said...

Rhetorical only.

Evidently no 'political reporters' from the JS, the Racine Times, or the Cap Times recognized Ms. Garin as "NOT a regular-folks" person.

John Foust said...

Hit 'em where it hits, I beg you Sir.

Franklin Romonowski said...

Bush plants were A-OK in 04 though, right 'dad'?

Selective memory, I get it.

Dan said...

Franklin, plants are wrong, no matter who did it. It would have been nice if Obama didn't use a plant- apparently, they couldn't find anyone to ask the righty type of question? I thought this was hope and change. Umm, no, when it comes to ethics, more of the same or worse.

Franklin Romonowski said...

You loved these tactic for the past 8 years. Why are you complaining now?

Dan said...

Franklin, maybe was smart enough that he didn't get caught and Obama, well, inteligence isn't his strong suit.

Dad29 said...

"Franklin" is NOT a troll, Dan.

He adopts a name from Seinfeld and rants about pseudonymic postings.

His job is to disrupt civil conversation.

And he thinks he's a very tough hombre, too!

What say? A 12-year-old who saw Seinfeld reruns when his Mom thought he was in bed?

Dan said...

Considering I've never seen a episode of Seinfeld, I hope I can be excused for not knowing who the real Franklin Romonowski is.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

What is Seinfeld?