Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out of Date Survey

Biz Journal Milwaukee posts the following:

Wisconsin was ranked as the 43rd-worst state for job growth and business in the fifth annual Chief Executive magazine’s “Best and Worst States” survey.

The magazine evaluated states on a broad range of criteria that included proximity to resources, regulation, tax policies, quality of life and infrastructure. More than 540 chief executive officers participated in the survey and ranked Texas the number-one state for job growth and business for the fourth straight year.

The five worst states in the survey were California, New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Wisconsin also ranked ahead of Illinois, Ohio and Louisiana. In addition to Texas, other states in the top five were North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

Midwest states that ranked ahead of Wisconsin were Indiana (11th), Iowa (19th) and Minnesota (32nd).

That survey was taken BEFORE the cap-gains preference was eliminated by the Wisconsin Socialist Senate.

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