Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama's Got a Secret on ObamaCare

Obama's secret?

How ObamaCare is paid for--and how you will be forced into the plan. Schlafly has some observations.

Only the broad structure of the bill is shared with Congress, while the details will be filled in after passage by the Department of Health and Human Services or by Tom Daschle, who has re-emerged (without a title) as a key player on health care...

In fact, there is only one way to pay for it: taxes. Either you pay it now, or your children pay it later.

The most unpopular features of the Obama and Kennedy plans are being kept under wraps, but here are some of the bad ideas being floated. Modified community rating is a euphemism for forcing young, healthy people to pay more for their insurance in order to subsidize older, less healthy people.

The liberals plan to impose fines on employers who don't provide health care for their employees. This will incentivize employers to terminate their current health benefits and simply pay the fine, which is sure to be less expensive

That will be the end of your current health-insurance plan. Period.

And, of course, there's David Obey's Final Solution.

The final way to deal with escalating health care costs is hiding under another euphemism: "comparative effectiveness research." This means that government bureaucrats will assess all health treatments to determine whether or not they are cost-effective and can be approved for payment.

The not-so-polite word for this is rationing

You could believe the "it will cost less and provide better treatment" line.

You could believe that Obama will "immediately" shut down Gitmo. That he will move all our troops out of Iraq in 1 year after his election. That he "saved or created" 6 million jobs. And that he will not allow "enhanced interrogation".

And you could also believe that his new budget proposal is PAYGO.

If you do, you also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny--OR you are a sheeple-member of a union.

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Headless Blogger said...

"That will be the end of your current health-insurance plan. Period."

That does not apply if you happen to be a public school teacher, the boyfriend of a Wisconsin state employee, or any other member of the privileged class. Exclamation point!