Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NOW Marches Toward Irrelevance

The National Ass'n of Women (NOW) (aka 'The Nags') metastatizes its hysteria.

The National Organization for Women (NOW), a pro-abortion feminist organization, blamed the "anti-abortion" movement for the murder and called on the Department of Homeland Security to declare the movement a form of "domestic terrorism."

Umnnnhhh...first off, DHS already DID that.

The bleating is picked up by others, equally irrelevant:

Bonnie Erbe of U.S. News and World Report announced on the magazine's website that "Tiller Murder Is Terrorism, and All Pro-Life Extremists Are to Blame."

She qualifies that:

"I am careful to note I am referring here to EXTREMIST pro-life advocates, people who refer to abortion as 'baby-killing' and other inflammatory rhetoric."

Well, Bonnie, it IS baby-killing. Tell Napolitano to send a DHS critter over here.

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