Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Nice Family You Have There..." Part 1,464

It is not a coincidence that Cap-and-Tax is written by some East Coast Snot and a West Coast...ummmnnnnhhh... Markey and Waxman, respectively.

(Nobody from the industrial Midwest could be so ineffably stupid. Obey would love to have written it, but he'd be skinned alive by his constituents, as would any Illinois congresscritter.)

Anyhoo, Comrade Markey didn't like the testimony of a utility exec regarding the plan.

Immediately after MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company Chairman David Sokol testified against cap-and-trade on June 9, Rep. Markey sent a letter to FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff asking for an investigation of MidAmerican.

We think that CongressCrapWeasel Markey should be careful with his threats. What goes around comes around, twit.

Also noted by Patrick.

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