Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Milwaukee County's Shortfall

It appears that Walker has a good case.

One reason for the large discrepancies in county deficit projections was that Walker did not include a $5 million payment from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

If the $5 million is paid by next March, it could still be applied to this year's budget, the report says.

Walker said the money's not likely to be paid in time to count against the '09 shortfall.

The County Board 'leadership', a wholly-owned subsidiary of AFSCME, seems to think that the UW-M money will arrive before March.

Well, there's an easy way for the County Board's 'leadership' to make that $5 million appear: tell Jim Doyle to order UW-M to pay up.

After all, the (D) Party is writing the State's budget.

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