Friday, June 12, 2009

The Meat of the Matter

The vicious and deadly attack on Choice schools begs the question McIlheran asks:

At what level do some lawmakers not grasp the idea of choice?

Well, actually, Patrick, recall that the Publick Screwels were instituted partially to "tame" the Catholics. It was 'inculturation'. You can look it up in John Dewey's writings.

Dewey was a notorious Progressive. You remember the Progressives; they thought then (and now) that society should get rid of its 'feebleminded' by making sure they never had children (see Oliver Wendell Holmes). Eugenics and all that.

Their intellectual progeny was Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills.

The other branch of the line spawned Pedro Colon (he's a descendant of Quisling) and "Red Fred" Kessler.

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