Friday, June 12, 2009

The Left's Intimidation Machine

I guess they're after "civil discourse," eh?

In an echo of tactics employed against true marriage supporters in California and elsewhere, a Washington state homosexualist website is threatening to publish the names and addresses of individuals signing a referendum to overturn a new homosexual civil unions law., which has teamed with, vows to create a searchable database of the names of all Referendum 71 signers, along with the amount they gave and their place of employment. It is unclear whether their home addresses will also be published. The latter website has supported similar projects in Oregon, Florida and Arkansas.

Vaguely similar to the Epic Systems tactics when dealing with WMC board members.

Brian Murphy, the creator of ...explained to the Seattle Post Intelligencer: "We hope when they find names of people who are familiar to them, that when at the grocery store or the soccer field or just mowing their lawn, that's a chance to have a conversation.

"If you want to sign (Referendum 71), you have the right to sign that, but be aware there are probably people who live near you, people you know, who would want to come and talk to you about what that means to them."



Neo-Con Tastic said...

Two words: open carry.

Amy said...

My thoughts exactly, Neo-Con Tastic. They can come and talk to me, so long as Misters Smith & Wesson are present, too.

Billiam said...

I have never shied away from 'discussion', as it were. They only have power if you let them intimidate you.