Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's the Democrat Budget--And They LIE About It

Oh yes, the (D) bozos know they are in trouble with the State budget--so much so that they will lie like rugs...

Despite that…, both myself and Speaker Mike Sheridan have approached … the Republican leadership many many times. We did it back in February when we did the stimulus, we did it when we did the smoking ban and we did it during several session days and we did it again last week to allow for amendments and changes.

Every single time we have been rebuffed. We extended an olive branch and we keep doing it and after a while they take the olive branch and hit you over the head with it, you kind of get to learn a lesson. So, we have tried to go to them and bring them to the table … on several occasions; uh, we have most recently yesterday….--Tom Nelson, (D) Majority Leader

Not really, Tommy boy.

I talked with Jim Bender, Communication Director for Assembly Republican Leader Jeff Fitzgerald. Funny that Bender couldn’t verify Nelson’s story.

...According to Bender, members of the Republican leadership “have not been invited to the table – at all. One time, [Dem] JFC co-chairs gave a briefing and asked for some ideas. [Republican Assembly JFC members] Vos and Montgomery gave ideas. It was a token meeting only.” Per Bender, Republican ideas weren’t touched, must less used. “Were we invited into any budget discussion? No. Never,” Fitzgerald’s aide recounts

Tax Spend Tax Spend Tax Spend Tax Spend Tax Spend (D)(D)(D)(D)(D)(D)(D)(D)

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