Monday, June 08, 2009

The "Health Care" Draft

Good .......ummm.....heavens.

The Kennedy-Dodd bill would create an individual mandate requiring you to buy a “qualified” health insurance plan, as defined by the government. If you don’t have “qualified” health insurance for a given month, you will pay a new Federal tax. Incredibly, the amount and structure of this new tax is left to the discretion of the Secretaries of Treasury and Health and Human Services (HHS), whose only guidance is “to establish the minimum practicable amount that can accomplish the goal of enhancing participation in qualifying coverage (as so defined).”

So levying taxes is now a delegated function...

The bill would also create an employer mandate. Employers would have to offer insurance to their employees. Employers would have to pay at least a certain percentage (TBD) of the premium, and at least a certain dollar amount (TBD). Any employer that did not would pay a new tax.

...amount also at the discretion of Treasury and Health secretaries...

The bill does not specify what spending will be cut or what taxes will be raised to pay for the increased spending

We'll know just like we know there are 150,000 "saved" or "created" jobs from Porkulus!

Effects? There are a few. (Sinatra's version of that line began with "Regrets." You may have them)

The government would mandate not only that you must buy health insurance, but what health insurance counts as “qualifying.”

Far more than half of all Americans would be eligible for subsidies, but we have not yet been told who would pay the bill.

Nobody can, after they pony up the additional $4K/year to heat their homes and hot water...

There's more at the link.

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