Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Find the Elephant in the Living Room

Folkbum, a pleasant (if addled) fellow, blows through several million pixels to demonstrate that he does not know a SERVICE from a PRODUCT.

Liberals are like that.

Hint to Jay: medical treatment is a SERVICE. Books are a PRODUCT.


John Foust said...

Really? If I asked my local librarian whether she's providing a service or selling a product, I'd get whacked with a ruler.

The helper at the bookstore might be capable and helpful enough to locate a book they might have that might be what I'm looking for, but they hope to only stock that which sells.

My doctor would no doubt say he's providing a service and not selling a product, but he'd also try to push some samples on me that were provided by some hot chick who took him to lunch.

And if I went to pick up a prescription and asked whether they were providing a service or selling a product, what would they say? Pharmacists are eager to tell you they're doctors, too, and will give certain gratis advice, but their true purpose in the drugstore is to regulate the sale of products prescribed by other doctors. It's not like Mexico.

I think you're upset because Folkie's parody looks too much like your prose or maybe DiGaudio's writing. Six of one, half dozen of another. Me, I would've used more Catholic references and cryptic sentence fragments.

Dad29 said...

The librarian provides a service, John. She does NOT sell books, as you may have noted in your sojourns to the library.

Actually, I thought Jay's parody was imaginative. Detached from reality, but clever.

And you would have used crypto-Catholic text to complement your crypto-understandable prose.

John Foust said...

It's a dessert topping and a floor wax. Water, electricity, gasoline, telephone, natural gas, sewer: Service or Product? I'm SHOCKED! Shocked, I say!! But that's only allowed for upper-middle-class folks, you see. BOHICA! BOHICA! Somebody in the Gummint has a bug up their... Maybe "Katholische"? Barry doesn't dance. Refreshing, no? Could that, possibly, maybe, refer to Three-Card-Monte Doyle's bait-and-switch games with his magic veto pen? It's due to the new liturgical practices that violate Redemptionis Sacramentum. This process began with Pius IX’s 1864 Syllabus of Errors, which condemned the radical elements of the liberal movement, and has continued all the way through John Paul II’s encyclical letter, Fides et Ratio. By asserting this, however, I am also recognizing that the Church has condemned the excesses and abuses of liberalism.