Thursday, June 04, 2009

Doyle's Utterly Incompetent Bureaucrats

You have to hand it to the JS reporters for this one.

A day care provider tied to Milwaukee crime boss Michael Lock has lost her license to care for children on Milwaukee's north side

On the other hand, incompetence and indifference seem to reign at Doyle's Department of Children and Families--as well as the Department of Public Instruction.

State regulators revoked her license May 12, a few weeks after the Journal Sentinel began asking questions about Brown and her business.

However, regulators kept the revocation under wraps and didn't disclose the action until this week, despite repeated inquiries by the newspaper.

And the Departments of Incompetence and Insouciance are not talking, either.

It's unclear exactly why regulators didn't disclose Brown's license revocation earlier. In an interview the day before the story was published, one state official said Brown's center was not a priority. "What we see is not placing it at the top of our list," said Erika Monroe-Kane.

After all, the victims are only children and taxpayers....

It's also unknown why the revocation was issued in May when the department had a long history of misconduct involving Brown.

Brown had been disqualified in January by the Department of Public Instruction from participating in the subsidized food program, according to her letter of revocation.

She overbilled that department by nearly $3,200, charging for meals for children who weren't eligible to receive a free or reduced-price lunch, according to DPI documents.

In addition, the Department of Children and Families' inspectors found 38 rule violations in February, four of which were serious, 16 of which were repeat violations.

Among the violations: poor record-keeping.

But that's OK. Doyle's Incompetents have the same problem:

It's unclear exactly how much money she received prior to 2006 because state officials say they can't locate the records.

Clearly, if the JS hadn't been on the case, taxpayers could STILL be paying out $500K/year++ to this piece of flotsam crook.

Will the JS' Raquel Rutledge get some answers from Doyle?

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