Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double-Flim-Crossing-Flamming the Gays: Obama

This guy Obama...frankly, I don't think he knows how stupid this really is.

This moring, the buzz was that Obama "would extend bennies" to gay partners in the Fed Gov.

This afternoon, those "benefits" are ........evaporating.

However, the Defense of Marriage Act prohibits the federal government from extending health and retirement benefits to same-sex couples, so the benefits are more likely to be marginal -- like relocation assistance.

Out of Iraq in 10 months. Stop renditions. Close Gitmo immediately. Gay benefits. Sign Abortion Laws. No single-payer health plan. Never tax health benefits. Increase taxes on only those earning more than $300K.

There's more, I'm sure. When the MSM finally comes out of the honeymoon suite, I'll ask a reporter.

HT: Ace

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