Friday, June 05, 2009

Despite John Malan's "Interview", No Warming.

Some of you may have caught John Malan's "interview" of "climate change specialists" the other night on the 10:00 Channel 4 news.

I use the quotes because Malan played 2 very short clips of about 15-30 seconds each, from different "experts" on globowarming he found at some conference in Chicago.

Needless to say, they toed the Big Money line: that we are all doomed; Wisconsin will be a savannah, NYC will be having deep-water problems, yadayada.

(Buy GE windmills and carbon credits from AlGore's place. EZ credit, no down payment....)

Except that there are credentialed experts which disagree.

The scholarship in this book demonstrates overwhelming scientific support for the position that the warming of the twentieth century was moderate and not unprecedented, that its impact on human health and wildlife was positive, and that carbon dioxide probably is not the driving factor behind climate change.

The authors cite thousands of peer-reviewed research papers and books that were ignored by the IPCC, plus additional scientific research that became available after the IPCC's self-imposed deadline of May 2006

Another note from Chapter 3 of the book:

Highly accurate satellite data, adjusted for orbit drift and other factors, show a much more modest warming trend in the last two decades of the twentieth century and a dramatic decline in the warming trend in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

That from Fred Singer, Craig Idso, and 35 other contributors. You can download the entire book at the link above.

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