Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dealer Closings, II

The dealer closings get curiouser and curiouser.

Here is a short clip from the Glenn Beck show (around 2 minutes) with a guest-appearance from another Fox personality whose family held a GM dealership for 90 years--until last week.

ObamaMotors does not give a rationale for the closing. ObamaMotors reversed another announced closing after "political people" got that person in front of ObamaMotors people.

ObamaMotors has threatened NOT to honor warranties unless the dealers sign off (which could be a flat-out violation of Federal law).

And ObamaMotors is requiring omerta--no surprise at all, given Obama's Toddlin'Town education in realpolitik.

By the way--it's clear that Glenn Beck is THE show to watch on Fox.


Franklin Romonowski said...

"curiouser and curiouser"

Curiouser = not a word, douchebag.

Dad29 said...

Young and Illiterate:

You never heard of Lewis Carroll?

Oh, I forgot. Trolls can't read.