Thursday, June 11, 2009

Candid Camera Coming to WI Highways?

Comb your hair before jumping in the car...

The Wisconsin County Highways Association wants a video eye on motorists driving through road construction zones, but the group first needs to bypass skepticism in the Legislature.

“There are a lot of generic concerns about enforcing laws as a result of what happens on TV,” said state Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, D-Manitowoc, and vice chairman of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety.

Yes, Bob, there is a lot of controversy about that.

This guy has it right:

Although video recording could help, it will not remove the dangers highway workers face, said Arlyn Halvorson, a highway worker and president of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees Local 65.

“There’s always an inherent danger out there,” he said. “Unless you’re putting up cement barriers around job sites, you can do your best with more signage and traffic control, but there are still risks.”

Halverson said the state could improve work-zone safety, but enforcement always will be a challenge. The best answers, he said, deal with proper traffic control around sites to avoid close calls with workers.

Or you could just close down the interstates like the GreenWeenies want in the first place...

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Billiam said...

Barriers don't mean much either. Running down to Chicago on the Tri-State, they have barriers. It's not uncommon to have some construction guys leaning over them, farting around with reflectors. Talk about cruisin' for a Darwin Award!