Saturday, June 06, 2009

"But When a Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations...."

That was the line I went to find after reading Sykes' column here.

Charlie is genuninely baffled; he cannot understand how Wisconsin Democrat legislators (and the Liar-in-Chief Doyle) actually think they can get away with the "budget" they've proposed.

He speculates a bit. Maybe:

...Democrats actually believe their press and assume that Barack Obama’s popularity insulates them political blowback. Some Democrats may think that 2008 presaged the arrival of a permanent liberal majority ...

Or maybe

They can’t help themselves. Democrats have waited so long for this binge and owe so much to so many special interest groups they just…can’t….stop….themselves from spending, gouging, and partying

"Tax the phone and tax the gas,
Tax the rich and tax YOUR ass,
Tax the plumber, tax the piper,
Tax the butts and tax the poor,

We tax and tax and tax;
It's what we do!

Free the felons! Smash the jails!
(Screw the Choice schools, too.)
We like Welfare! Opera Houses!
Gay Benefits and more State land!
Bradley Center posies,
And Roundabouts for All!

We spend and spend and spend;
It's what we do!

We got our contributions,
The Indians and Lawyers
They came through,
The Teachers and the laborers,
And other leeches, too!

So Tax and Spend we do,
(And golf, with special friends,)
Your troubles with your cashflow
Are not OUR problems, friend.

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