Friday, June 05, 2009

ACORN Vote-Fraud Problems in Cleveland

It continues.

Ryan Miday, spokesman for Cuyahoga County, Ohio Prosecutor Bill Mason, a Democrat, just spoke with me.

Miday said an "investigation is continuing into activities by ACORN. Darnell Nash is the first we've charged in this ongoing investigation."

..."After the election ACORN had to turn over all its voter registration cards and those amounted to about 70,000," Miday said. "The sheriff's office in Cuyahoga County has been going through mounds of paperwork."

"The activities by ACORN are being looked at. Through the investigation a number of employees of ACORN have been interviewed," said Miday

The investigation is ongoing, he repeated.

Not to worry about ACORN. After all, some of their training was provided by B. Hussein Obama; ACORN is eligible for up to $8.5 BILLION in Federal moneys, and is bidding to "help" with the Census.

When the Census enumeration is complete, ACORN will have found well over 760 million residents in the US.

HT: Spectator Blog

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