Monday, February 09, 2009

Who REALLY Likes "Porkulus"?

The Porkulus' numbers keep getting worse, and worse...

Scott Rasumssen finds that 62% of Americans want any "stimulus" bill enacted by Congress to include more tax cuts and less spending. Even among Democrats, a slight plurality prefers the bill to be heavier on tax cuts. Only 14% want fewer tax cuts and more spending.

Gee....that 14% is a familiar number...

Yup. It's about the same as Union Members in the Workforce! And a large component of THAT number is Gummint Employees!

Gee, wow, Batman!

HT: PowerLine


Scott said...

Your insinuation about correlation with union membership strikes me as weak and somewhat paranoid.

Also, 62% of Americans are wrong: we do not need more tax cuts and less government spending in the stimulus package. It's the reverse.

(I am not a member of a union.)

Dad29 said...

Scott, you win the Mind-Numbed Robot award. So stop telling us that you support Porkulus, already.

YOU inferred that 'insinuation,' Scott; all I did was point to two similarly-sized statistics.