Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White House Slimeslinger Appointed

Oh, yah, The Savior has one of those, too.

We will pass on taking shots about exactly which office this slimeslinger is part of--it's too easy.

...President Obama invented a new position into which he slipped one Shauna Daly. Daly has been what is called an "opposition researcher" for the Obama campaign for some time. It was her job to find an opponent's worst dirt, his most troublesome secrets, so that strategy on how best to destroy him can be planned.

And now, Obama has invented a new job to reward dirty tricks squad member, Daly. The position of "White House counsel research director," one that never existed before, is now attached to White House counsel Greg Craig's office and this has caused some raised eyebrows in the legal community.

You see, unlike staffers of the White House counsel's office appointed by other presidents, Miss Daly has no legal training. No schooling, no past work at law, no law degree. Her sole past work has been that of a political nature.

She is just a dirt digger. Nothing more.

This means, of course, that Obama has just politicized the White House counsel's office. It is no longer one that chiefly concerns itself with the defining legal reasoning upholding presidential decisions, but one that will actively participate in political machinations. It has gone form advisory to participating in campaigns

Tell me you're surprised...

HT: NewsBusters

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