Friday, February 06, 2009

UW Chancellor Has No Response to Murder, Inc. Charge

Biddy Martin, the Doyleite, defends UW becoming a branch office of Murder, Inc.

...she stands by her decision to support the proposed second-trimester abortion clinic at Madison Surgery Center.

Martin voted in favor of the clinic at the UW Hospital and Clinics Authority Board meeting Wednesday...

But Biddy was unable to respond to Grothmann's point.

Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, who testified at the meeting, went so far as to say the board and Martin’s vote put UW’s “good name on murder.”

“Biddy Martin … will be forever remembered as the woman who caused the university to do something that no other clinic in central Wisconsin would do … and that is kill a baby five months [after] conception,” Grothman told The Badger Herald Wednesday.

Martin declined to respond to Grothman’s charge but said Walsh’s reasons for supporting the clinic are appropriate

Walsh already executed the ' your mouth and prove it' part of the old saw--telling Wisconsin taxpayers that it is OUR obligation to "provide" what the Constitution (arguably) allows.

I'm waiting for my UW-branded handgun. I kinda like the Desert Eagle .45's, Davie-boy.

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