Friday, February 13, 2009

Specter Dislikes "Final Solution" Language, "Didn't Know" It Was There

Below we noted that Arlen Specter's price for his services has been met.

So what do you expect from Specter regarding the "Final Solution" which met the Kohl/Feingold/Feinstein/Schumer test?


When confronted by this provision by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, cancer survivor Arlen Spector professed surprise at hearing about the inclusion of such a program. He then promised to vote against any bill that included such a provision

Surprise, Senator?

Of the 1434 pages [in the summary], pages 806-1251 are dedicated to the expansion of the federal health care bureaucracy. (That is, not including the COBRA, Medicaid, etc. expansion that begins on page 1278.)

Perhaps Specter was blinded by the shiny gelt.

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