Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slime Addition 101

Bob Dole, on how to make millions after quitting the Senate:

"He's got a lot of friends in the Senate, and I've got a lot of friends in the Senate, and, combined, who knows -- we might have 51,"

Dole was referring to Daschle--but it makes no difference; could be any ex-Senator.

That's not what the hoi polloi learn in Civics 101, is it?

HT: Greenwald

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GOR said...

Yes, despite the fact that retired US Senators (and former Presidents...) are very well compensated in retirement, they capitalize on their 'public service' by earning millions in speaking fees on the 'lecture circuit', directorships and in lobbying efforts.

Not quite in the tradition of the Founding Fathers or, more recently, Bill Proxmire or Harry Truman.