Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple Question for Kohl and Feingold

Earlier today, I posted parts of the Bloomberg editorial which mentions the Kill Old Folks' provision in the Senate version of Porkulus.

We in Wisconsin are represented by Sen Feingold. Herb Kohl goes to his office and thinks about those big, sweaty, Bucks players he hires his ranch in Wyoming.

I have a question for them: did they KNOW about the 'Kill-the-Old-Folks' provision when they voted YEA on Porkulus?

Wanna play a logic game?

Some older people may resent being told to go off and die (it's cheaper that way.) They may resent it very actively.

Given that they already have the 'death penalty,' what's the loss to them if they...... ahhhhhh...... cause a ruckus in Herbie's or Feinie's office?

And is it not ironic that Herbie and Rusty are bringing the Oldster's Final Solution to fruition here in the USA, complementing their Pre-Born Final Solution?


Billiam said...

The party of death strikes again!

Shoebox said...

The folks who have argued "choice" for all these years never understood that "choice" was a slippery slope that they would someday find themselves on. I'm sure the vast majority of them still think "it won't be me." Boy, are they in for a suprise!