Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Rubber and the Road--Up Next

The Winning McCain quotes Rubin:

The president and his spinners declared this all to be a "long term" problem that had to take a back seat to the short term "solution" for the recession. But little they have done in the short term will improve the economy, which by their own calculations would have begun to bounce back on its own by the end of 2009.The "long term" problem is now. The first act comes with the next major auction of Treasury debt. Are we going to start printing dollars ourselves to buy up Treasury paper? Raise the interest rate on bonds to keep Chinese and other investors in the game?

A question simply ignored by the "thinkers" of the Left (see combox here). Their one-track minds see "spend now" as the solution, regardless of consequence.

Bread. Circus.

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