Wednesday, February 04, 2009

NRTL: The Next NRA?

Hubris leads to....

The new administration is intellectually sophisticated, politically savvy, armed and ready for battle. But so is the pro-life movement. Indeed, the Achilles’ heel of the president’s abortion policies may lie in the arrogant (or perhaps merely ignorant) dismissal of pro-life political sentiment. Bill Clinton claimed that abortion ought to be made “safe, legal, and rare.” He didn’t mean a word of it, but his political instincts told him to be cautious in advancing a radical feminist agenda.

Thus far, the new administration exhibits little of Clinton’s self-regarding caution. The president and his aides no doubt think they hold the upper hand on abortion funding and embryonic stem-cell research, conscience-clause and parental-consent legislation, and the most extreme legislative interpretations of Roe v. Wade. But no battle plan survives the first engagement with the enemy. The president may soon discover that the real America and the America he thinks he knows are two very different things

The NRA famously enabled the 'Republican Revolution' in 1994, after Clinton thought they presented no problem to him.

Should Uhlman's prophecy be accurate, at least The O-and-Hero will not be facing armed opponents.

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