Thursday, February 05, 2009


The inimitable Planet Moron has a few ideas.

The State Children’s Cosmetic Health for the Upper Middle Class Program: Otherwise known as “S-CCHUMP,” this program will provide desperately needed cosmetic procedures for families that might otherwise be forced to lease a Cayman instead of a 911. This will be financed by a new tax on lottery tickets.

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program for TARP Recipients. To be referred to as “SCHIP-TARP,” this program will provide health insurance for top executives of financial institutions who find themselves forced to live under drastically reduced incomes. Funding will come from a tax on fake designer clothing sold on street corners.

State Children’s Aromatherapy and Accupuncture for Rich People. S-CAARP will be funded by taxes on prepaid cell phones, second-hand clothing, and rent-to-own furniture.

Remember, it's for the children

S-CHIP, (aka Hood Robin Act) takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Now THAT'S an original idea!

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