Friday, February 13, 2009

More Rumor: Abp Dolan to NYC

It came up again this morning--the rumor that Milwaukee Abp Dolan is headed for New Yawk.

One Roman writer comments on the Abp's persona:

Dolan, 59, a Missouri native, has been in Milwaukee since 2002. Part of the American episcopate would've preferred a prelate of greater impact, to counter the new team in the White House, seen by many as unfavorable to Catholics. But the Vatican has preferred to maintain the type adopted previously in other similar cases: a bishop of a very pastoral profile with a soft touch.

An interesting way to phrase things, no?

HT: Rocco


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Spot on actually.

And to think, I thought the Vatican gave him to us so he could fizzle away over time in a small diocese - now I see that they're actually promoting him.

Ugh, when is the Vatican going to learn that these softies are the ones disenfranchising the members of the Church?

Dave said...

Neo-Con Tastic:

Had Rome wanted to have him fizzle away, he'd still be an auxiliary bishop in St. Louis, or he'd be shepherding a small diocese in the Great Plains. It's very rare that someone is made a metropolitan after being an auxiliary for less than a year. That invariably means "fast track", and being prepared for bigger things.

There have been occasions in which a "fast-tracker" gets stuck - Weakland was consecrated bishop for the archdiocese, and was thought to be destined for Chicago or Detroit. That never happened. Dolan, OTOH, has begun to clean up the mess here, with a marked increase in seminarians and a solid rector. Perhaps he might be what New York needs at this time...

Anonymous said...

He may speak softly, but he does know how to fight.

He is powerful both with his charm and his firm rebuke.

Don't doubt him.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Joseph Perry of Chicago would probably make a good successor to Archbishop Dolan. Bishop Perry served as a priest here in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and he's a great friend of the Traditional Latin Mass.