Friday, February 06, 2009

A Little Spa Time for Congress' (D) Folks

It's so damn stressful, you know.

...some lawmakers are strolling fancy resorts spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars and mingling with lobbyists.

"We're very mindful" of perceptions, House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson told reporters Thursday camped outside of the sprawling Kingsmill Resort & Spa in Williamsburg, Va., where House Democrats spent about $100,000 on their three-day annual retreat. "It's serious and it's from morning till night. We've been dwelling, rightfully, on the economy," said Larson, D-Conn

Democrats spend taxpayer money on their retreat but do not permit lobbyists to accompany them. The public pays for a charter train from Washington to Williamsburg for many of the 200 members who attend, as well as conference rooms, security and catering.

The round-trip fare on Amtrak is $90 or more. Catered dinners at Kingsmill cost at least $60 per person. Kingsmill's rooms at this time of year start at $119 a night. Democrats will not disclose the exact costs of this year's retreat, though group discounts for travel, food and lodging are common

Apparently there is no Red Roof Inn near Washington DC.

There is a contrast:

Republicans spend no public money on their retreat, which occurred last month at the historic Homestead resort in Hot Springs, Va., spokesman Matt Lloyd said.

Lawmakers pay for their own transportation and room costs, roughly $190 per night, including food, according to one Republican who attended but spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the trip were not made public.

But Republicans allow special guests to join them: lobbyists who are part of the Congressional Institute, a nonprofit organization that arranges events for both political parties

(R) types prefer to hobnob with lobbyists. (D) types prefer to live on taxpayer dollars.

What a country!

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Dan said...

What a shock. I tell you I am just shocked that trips and ripping off the taxpayer by Democrats and liberals byt taking expensive trips. It has to be in their DNA.